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This web site was created on a charitable basis by Upekkha Friends and Emanon.
Last Updated : 20 September 2018


The Vihara is run entirely on donations received from well-wishers.

Monetary donations to the Vihara should be made out to the "Sangha Foundation a/c 721-108548-8", OCBC Bank (M) Berhad. As the Vihara does not employ office staff, receipts are generally not issued unless requested by the donor.

We appreciate those who wish to offer food for the Vihara's residents. Lunch offerings should arrive before 10:30 a.m. There are other items which are useful to the Vihara. But, kindly consult the Abbot concerning this if you wish to donate, in order that you donate what is really useful to the Vihara.

Download the Donation Form (224KB)

 Print Dhamma Books For Free Distribution


Through generous donations, Dhamma books of Ven. Dhammavuddho Thero have been made available free of charge all these years. Many people have benefited, and we hope this gift will continue to touch more people.

If you are interested to sponsor Dhamma books of Ven. Dhammavuddho for free distribution, kindly send a cheque (click donation) indicating which title you would like to reprint.


> The books can only be printed when there are sufficient funds to print at least 1,000 books. Therefore, the printing may not be immediate.

> Donors' names will not be published in the books unless it exceeds 1,000 books sponsored.

"The Gift of Dhamma Excels All Other Gifts."

~ Dhammapada Verse 354

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