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This web site was created on a charitable basis by Upekkha Friends and Emanon.
Last Updated : 20 September 2018

If you find certain things that are unsatisfactory with the website, or if you are having problems accessing certain files, e.g. the audio files, kindly send us your feedback and we will endeavour to rectify them.

If you have questions concerning the Vihara, we suggest that you have a look again at the website as our experience tells us that answers can be found in the website. However, please feel free to drop us a note if you still have your queries.

The Vihara is not internet connected. This Feedback form is routed to the web administrators who live far away from the Vihara. Therefore, it is not practical to ask Dhamma questions via this Feedback form. If you have Dhamma questions, we suggest that you:

  1. Check out the Article, Audio, and Video sections again as the information there cover a wide range of topics. You will probably find most of the questions answered as you go through the information in these sections; and
  2. After you have done the above and still cannot get your questions answered, we suggest that you make arrangements to visit the Vihara so that you can take time to discuss your Dhamma queries with the Abbot.

There is no staff hired to maintain this website. It is maintained by volunteers only. Therefore, we cannot guarantee a quick reply to your queries although much effort will be made to ensure that.

We hope you find this website useful.


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