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  Notice: Journey of VBG photos

6 Dec 2007 


A series of photos showing the progress in the construction of the Vihara from 1998 is being uploaded under the Photo Section. The first set showing the 1998 photos has just been uploaded. The rest will follow soon.

  Construction Of Women's Dwelling

12 Jul 2007 


The Vihara intends to build women's dwellings soon. Donations welcomed.

The 8-room, 2-storey women's quarters is estimated to cost RM225,000 upwards.

Piling was completed on 30th June 2007, and contruction will start soon.

  Redo Your Links With

24 Jun 2007 


We are glad to inform you that Version 2.0 has been launched. We have made major upgrades to the website including sorting and filtering engines.

If you have made links to the article, audio or video materials etc with this website before 22nd June 2007, we suggest that you redo those links as they may not be working by now. After the upgrade, all of the addresses to the links in this website would have been changed.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

  (Next Year) Fourth Sangha Meeting At VBG On 31st August 2008

12 Jun 2007 


The 4th Sangha Meeting of English and Chinese speaking Malaysian Theravada monks is scheduled to be held at Vihara Buddha Gotama (VBG) on the 31st of August 2008 to coincide with the 10th anniversary celebration of VBG.

  Dhamma Propagation

21 Mar 2007 


The taped talks of Bhante Dhammavuddho Thero have been recorded into MP3 format and are available in English (4 numbers) and Fujian/Cantonese (4 numbers).

The books available are:
+ Only We Can Help Ourselves (English; Chinese);
+ Liberation (English; Chinese);
+ Message of the Buddha (English; Chinese);
+ Mindfulness Recollection and Concentration (English; Chinese);
+ Monks' Precepts: Layperson's Guide (English; Chinese);
+ The Buddhist Monk's Precepts (English - for monks and Buddhist Centre Libraries only);
+ The Five Illusionists (English);
+ Dependent Origination (English); and
+ Samatha And Vipassana (English)

Anyone interested in any of the above can write in to the Vihara for a free copy.

  Lunch, Visiting Hours & Daily Schedule

19 Mar 2007 


Starting from 1st April 2007, the lunch time at Vihara Buddha Gotama will be 10:30am, and the visiting hours will be from 9:30am to 12:30pm.

Also the daily schedule has been amended slightly, see: Vihara

  Book Released: The Buddhist Monk's Precepts

14 Mar 2007 


The new edition (2007) of THE BUDDHIST MONK'S PRECEPTS (for monks) is released.

Any monk or Buddhist Centre interested can write in for a free copy.

  Dhamma Talks by Venerable Jutipanno

10 Mar 2007 


A list of Chinese (Mandarin) Dhamma talks of Venerable Jutipanno (۹) have been added to the Audio section for download.

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