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29 Oct 2015 


Luangpor Dhammavuddho will be going into 3 months solitary seclusion beginning 8 Nov 2015 in VBG Cave on Penang Hill.

Every morning he will be at the Ayer Itam car park between the market and Kek Lok Si Temple at 7.30 am for pindapata.


22 Sep 2015 


Bhante Hye will be in Penang on Monday 5 Oct 2015 for his eye checkup. He will have lunch in Peace House, 49 Lrg. Bkt. Gambir, Ashley Green, off Jln. Yeap Choir Ee, on Monday and Tuesday, before returning to VBG.


18 Jul 2015 



不同的佛教国依照不同的方法称呼比丘,但在佛陀的时代,在家众普遍地称呼比丘为Bhante(意为Venerable Sir,即尊者)。佛陀称呼僧侣们为比丘,但在家众若如此称呼僧侣是不礼貌的,因为 “比丘” 意味着乞丐。

一位比丘会称呼长辈的同修为尊者 (Bhante),而晚辈为贤友(Avuso)或直接按后者的名称呼。一位十戒沙弥可被在家众称呼为Samanera/ 沙弥(据泰国传统“Samanen/ 沙马年”或“Nen/ 年”)

佛陀在世时,在家众称呼一位比丘尼为 “Ayya” 即圣尼或高贵的女士。一位比丘会称呼一位比丘尼为师姐/师妹,或直接按其名称呼。在家众可称呼十戒出家女士为 “samaneri / 沙弥尼” 或师姐。一位八戒出家女士按据泰国传统,被称呼为“Maechee/美琪”。

据泰国传统, 在家众称呼一位比丘为“Tan旦/檀” (可敬/尊敬的),长老 或上座 (即受具足戒十年或以上者) 为 “Acharn/ 阿姜” (导师)。Luangpor/ 隆波 (尊敬的父亲) 是用来称呼年逾大概五十至七十五岁的比丘,而Luangpoo/隆浦 (尊敬的祖父) 是用来称呼年逾大概七十五岁的比丘。


9 Jul 2015 



Different countries have different ways of addressing a monk, but during the Buddha’s time monks were generally addressed as Bhante, meaning ‘Venerable Sir’, by lay people.

The Buddha addressed a monk as Bhikkhu, but it is impolite for a lay person to address a monk by this word since it means ‘beggar’.

A monk will address a senior monk as Bhante, and a junior monk as Avuso (Ven. Friend) or directly by name. A ten precept novice monk can be addressed by a lay person as Samanera (Samanen or Nen in Thai tradition).

A Bhikkhuni nun during the Buddha’s time was addressed by laypersons as Ayya (Ven. Lady). A monk addresses a Bhikkhuni as Sister or directly by name. Laypersons can address a ten precept nun as Samaneri or Sister. An eight-precept nun is called Machee in the Thai tradition.

In Thai tradition, laypersons address a monk as Tan (Venerable), a Thera (Elder monk, ie. ordained ten or more years) as Acharn (Teacher). Luangpor (Ven. Father) is used for a monk aged between about fifty to seventy five years, while Luangpoo (Ven. Grandfather) is used to address a monk above seventy five.


27 Jun 2015 


Bhante Hye Dhammavuddho will be in Peace House, 49 Lrg. Bkt. Gambir 3, Ashley Green, off Jln. Yeap Chor Ee, for lunch on 6 July 2015, and again for breakfast and lunch on 7 July.

  Dhamma Talk at Subang Jaya Buddhist Assoc.

4 Jun 2015 



Speaker: Ven. Dhammavuddho
Topic: "Characteristics of a Sotapanna"
Venue: Subang Jaya Buddhist Assoc.

Date: Saturday 27 Jun 2015
8.30 pm.

  Dhamma talks in VBG by Ven. Dr. Punnaji Mahathera

29 May 2015 


We are pleased to announce that Ven. Dr. Punnaji Mahathera will stay and give Dhamma talks in VBG on Tuesday and Wednesday, 2 and 3 Jun 2015, beginning at 7 pm. All are welcome.

  Notice: Visit of several senior Abbots of the Acharn Chah tradition.

28 May 2015 


VBG will be graced by the visit of several senior Abbots of the Acharn Chah tradition. They will arrive on the afternoon of Thursday 11 Jun 2015, and stay a night. Next morning they will join the regular pindapata at Kampar, and leave after lunch.

The senior monks are:
1) Luangpor Sophon Ophaso (48 vassas),
Abbot of Wat Bueng Latthiwan.
2) Luangpor Nusin Santajitto (35 vassas),
Abbot of Wat Kattaliwan.
3) Ajahn Samrit Khemavaro (30 vassas),
Abbot of Wat Non Pah Wan.
4) Ajahn Sarot (28 vassas),
Abbot of Dhamma Bodhiyan Meditation Center, Tg. Piandang.

Devotees who wish to are welcome to come pay their respect to them or offer lunch dana on 12 Jun at 11 am.

  Notice For Penang Devotees.

8 May 2015 


Notice For Penang Devotees.

Ven. Dhammavuddho will be at Peace House, Bukit Gambir, for lunch on Monday 11 May, and again for breakfast and lunch on 12 May.

  Bhikkhu ordination of two long term VBG Samaneras. (Photo Section)

1 May 2015 


30 Apr 2015 is an auspicious day for VBG. Two long term Samaneras received their Bhikkhu ordination at Wat Telok Wanjah, Alor Star, making four local resident monks in VBG.

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