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1 Oct 2017 



Please be informed that Ven. Dhammavuddho will do a Dhamma tour of the East Coast as follows:

19 Oct. 2017, Thursday, 8-10pm: Hokkien talk at Tanah Merah Buddhist Association (Mahayana Centre), Kelantan. For more information contact Bro. Khor Teck Koon 012-9838388.

20 Oct. 2017, Morning: Opening ceremony of Mettarama (Theravada Centre) Main Shrine Hall, Kota Bharu. For more information contact Sis. Visakha 019-9818877.

20 Oct. 2017, 8-10pm: English talk at Mettarama, Kota Bharu.

21 Oct. 2017: Lunch at Bodhi Vihara, Kuala Terengganu.

21 Oct. 2017, 8-10pm: Hokkien Q&A at Suttarama (Theravada Centre), Kuala Terengganu. For more information contact Bro. Chee Seng 019-9823988.

22 Oct. 2017: Lunch at Kuantan Buddhist Association (Theravada Centre), Kuantan.

22 Oct. 2017, 8-10pm: English Q&A at Kuantan Buddhist Association. For more information contact Sis. Christine Goh 012-9383333.

23 Oct. 2017, 8-10pm: Cantonese talk at Pahang Buddhist Association (Mahayana Centre). For more information contact PBA office 09-5739643.

  Becoming a Monk in VBG / 在VBG出家成为比丘

3 Aug 2017 


Becoming a Monk in VBG

Anyone who has intention to become a monk in VBG should first come to stay for some time as a normal eight-preceptor to ascertain that the conditions here are agreeable to you for long term stay. After you are certain you want to be a monk here you should make a formal request to the abbot.

Then you will be required to undergo a six months screening period as a normal eight-preceptor. If your conduct is satisfactory you will next become a ‘pahkau’, an eight-preceptor with shaven head and wearing white angsa (shoulder cloth) and white sabong, for six months. Passing from there you will have to request to be ordained as a Samanera (ten precept novice monk). This is only a temporary ordination and you will not be allowed to leave without disrobing.

The Samanera period is one year and you will be expected to carry out all the duties of a Samanera. After this you can request for the higher ordination to be a Bhikkhu. Note that after the Bhikkhu ordination you will be required to stay at least five years in VBG for training as required by Vinaya rules. Only after completing the five years in VBG will you be given the Monk’s Ordination Certificate (baisootee) if available.

Most monasteries accept a candidate for monkhood only if he is below 50 years of age. Older candidates are accepted only in special cases.

The above is Standard Operating Procedure in VBG but exceptions may be made according to the discretion of the abbot.


有意在VBG 出家的人,必须先来本寺受持八戒及住上一段时间,以确定这里的居住环境与条件适合你到此长住。当你决定在本寺出家后,你必须正式向住持提出出家的请求。


为期一年沙弥戒的你必须履行沙弥的责任。随后你可请求具足戒成为一位比丘。务必注意的是受具足戒后,你必须留居本寺五年受训,这也是戒律所强调的。本寺只会颁发戒牒 / 证书‘baisootee’给予成功完成五年训练的比丘(视乎相关部门是否已经办妥戒牒 / 证书‘baisootee’而定).



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