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  Volunteers For Vihara Buddha Gotama

23 May 2010 


Vihara Buddha Gotama is in need of volunteers in the following areas:

1. Translators of Bhante Dhammavuddho's Dhamma books from Indonesian (already translated) to Bahasa Malaysia

2. Translator of Bhante Dhammavuddho's Dhamma books to Mandarin. Many of the books are already translated but there are still some that are not translated

3. Audio and Video editor

4. There may be some other things that can be helped out in the monastery. You may like to visit the monastery, stay over night and help out in whatever ways possible. Kindly call the monastery to enquire

Metta and Sadhu!

  Nightly Discussion Of Hokkien Vinaya Talks

19 Apr 2010 


Nightly series of listening to and discussion of Hokkien Vinaya talks by Ven. Dhammavuddho Thero recorded in 1991. Convened on 30 Mar. 2010. There are 31 hours of talks. All are welcome.

  New Photos Set And Daily Routine Schedule

5 Apr 2010 


15 new photos and a changed in daily routine schedule.

  Date With Penang

17 Mar 2010 


Ven. Dhammavuddho Thero will be in Penang from May 21st till 22nd, 2010.

1) May 21st, 2010 Friday 8:00pm
Venue: Peace House - 49, Jln Bkt Gambir 3
Dhamma Talk: History of Buddhism (Hokkien)

2) May 22nd, 2010 Saturday 2:30pm
Venue: Mahindarama Temple - Kampar Road
Dhamma Talk: Dependent Origination (Hokkien)

3) May 22nd, 2010 Saturday 8:00pm
Venue: Mahindarama Temple - Kampar Road
Dhamma Talk: History of Buddhism (English)

Please contact Sue Lynn (012-4338913) for further details.

  Vassa Samanera Program at Vihara Buddha Gotama (July 24 - Oct 24, 2010) 乔达摩佛寺沙弥雨安居体验营 (2010年7月24日至2010年10月24日)

3 Mar 2010 


Vihara Buddha Gotama
Vassa Samanera Program
July 24 - Oct 24, 2010


Take a road less travelled…
Find inner peace and contentment by returning to nature at Vihara Buddha Gotama, for 3 months live the tranquil life of a forest monk…leave behind all worldly pressures and worries!
Limited places available, if you are keen to learn and live in accordance to the Dhamma, call the abbot.


There will be nightly teachings on the Majjhima Nikaya Suttas, and occasionally on the Vinaya concerning the Code of Conduct of Samaneras. All are welcome!


Rules and Regulations:

The Samanera Programme is open to all male adults who are keen to learn and live in accordance with the Sutta-Vinaya (Dhamma-Vinaya). All Samaneras are expected to observe the Ten Precepts and all rules applicable to other residents of the Vihara.

Click: Rules and Regulations



点 击:条规

Call +6012 469 7483 (10am-4pm).

Please note: Participants are required to arrive at the Vihara by 10am, 24th Jul and leave after noon, on 24th Oct.
请注意: 参与者必须在7月24日,上午十时之前抵达乔达摩佛寺而在10月24日中午之后离开.

Please click onto the link below for application form and poster:


  Date With Singapore

9 Feb 2010 


Ven. Dhammavuddho Thero will be in Singapore from March 5th till 7th, 2010.

1) March 5th, 2010 Friday 7:30pm
Venue: Wat Palelai - 49 Bedok Walk
Dhamma Talk: Right View

2) March 7th, 2010 Sunday 10:30am
Venue: The Buddhist Library – 2, Lorong 24A. Geylang
Dhamma Talk: Noble Eightfold Path

  Photos Of Ajahn Sucitto Visits VBG

5 Feb 2010 


Aj. Sucitto visits VBG on 2010 Feb. 04

  New Set Of Photos

15 Jan 2010 


New Set Of Photos

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