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The objective of the Video section is basically the same as the Audio section. We hope that by engaging both our audio and visual senses, we will be able to benefit even more by these talks.

These videos may be copied without changes for free distribution without permission from the Vihara. Otherwise all rights reserved.

However, you will notice that the list of Videos here cannot be compared to the Audio section, but it is growing. Usually Dhamma talks are audio taped only, unless devotees volunteer to video tape them.

When Vihara Buddha Gotama was first established in 1998, a group of young Buddhists volunteered to video tape the monastery and its lifestyle. A lot of effort was put into it. We are delighted that it is made available here under the title "The Ideal Spiritual Haven."

Should you find any of the Video files not working as you play them, please click onto Feedback and let us know the specifics (i.e the title and language of the talk) and we will endeavour to rectify it. We appreciate your feedback.

It is hoped that these video talks will deepen our understanding of the Dhamma, and we thank everyone who has helped in one way or another to make this possible.

Luangpor Dhammavuddho


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