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In 1998, a 15-acre forest monastery was born in the remote town of Temoh. The intensely calming and rejuvenating setting is both a treasure and oasis for a spiritual aspirant. The study of Sutta-Vinaya and the practice of meditation in the intoxicating forest breeze tenderly rubs away every knotted muscle and anxiety. Then slowly, but surely, the quiet solitude of the forest trees marks the ancient teachings of the Buddha for the community of monks, nuns, and lay people.

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Luangpor Dhammavuddho Dhamma Talks 达摩悟陀长老佛法开示
Saturday February 10, 2018
Sunday October 1, 2017
Becoming a Monk in VBG / 在VBG出家成为比丘
Thursday August 3, 2017
Tuesday September 13, 2016
VBG SUTTA SHARING - March 2018 : MN 143
Thursday March 1, 2018
VBG SUTTA SHARING - JAN 2018: MEDITATION / 乔达摩佛寺经典分享: 禅修- 2018年 一月
Wednesday January 10, 2018
VBG SUTTA SHARING - JAN 2018: MEDITATION / 乔达摩佛寺经典分享: 禅修- 2018年 一月
Wednesday January 10, 2018
VBG SUTTA SHARING - DEC 2017: SATIPATTHANA / 乔达摩佛寺经典分享: 念住 - 2017十二月
Sunday December 17, 2017
问与答 Q&A (ENG) 22-10-2017 @ Kuantan Bud.Assn (1 to 4)
Wednesday November 15, 2017
何谓佛所教-What is the Buddha‘s Teaching (CANTON) 23-10-2017 @ Pahang Bud.Assn, Kuantan (1 to 3)
Wednesday November 15, 2017
学佛不是拜佛 Cultivate,not pray! (2017) (1 to 3) @ Tanah Merah 佛教会, Kelantan
Sunday November 5, 2017
如何修习八支圣道 How to practice Ariyan Eight Fold Path (1 to 3) @ Mettarama, Kota Bharu
Sunday November 5, 2017
Q & A with Ven. Dhammavuddho Maha Thera at Subang Jaya Buddhist Association
Tuesday August 29, 2017
Why the 4 Ariya Truths is the most important Dhamma
Tuesday August 29, 2017
An Evening of Q&A with Ven. Dhammavuddho Maha Thera
Friday July 14, 2017
Sutta Guide To Paths & Fruits (Part 1)
Monday December 12, 2016

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